Men bothered by low semen count and reduced motility that bar them from siring offspring will soon have to gobble up the cheap fruit of malunggay, which is now enjoying a big demand on account of its recently-discovered high micronutrient content.

A recent study conducted by experts and reported by Dr. Vivencio Mamaril of the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) showed that the fruit of malunggay, which is also known globally by its scientific name Moringa Oleifera Lam, helps immensely in raising semen count.

By the same token, consuming the malunggay fruit leads to higher motility or semen movement, which translates into increased opportunity for the semen to fertilize an egg.

Previously, only the leaves of malunggay had gained a following for their high micronutrient yield.

This scientific finding will certainly have an impact on current malunggay consumption since only the leave have been nurtured and purchased by companies for fortifying processed food that includes instant noodles.

Unknown to many as well, malunggay is known as the horse radish tree, and the Japanese condiment wasabi, the usual accompaniment so sashimi, California maki and other sushi preparations.

In the same article, Mamaril said malunggay is "perhaps the most nutritious vegetable available in the planet. My reading had revealed that malunggay has seven times the vitamin C in oranges, four times the calcium in milk, four times the vitamin A in carrots, two times the protein in milk, and three times the potassium in bananas."

Aside from the fruits, it also reported that malunggay roots have health benefits. Professor Ramon Tan, president of CARICA Herbal Health Products Inc., has reported in his radio program that one of his friend who had undergoing kidney dialysis four times a week had seen strong kidney functions since drinking tea made of malunggay roots. His friend’s weekly dialysis has reduced to two.



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